Unusual Sight in Bengaluru Metro: Couple Found Kissing Each Other inside Bengaluru metro

Bengaluru, known for its bustling streets, vibrant culture, and modern infrastructure, witnessed an unusual incident that sparked controversy and debate among commuters. A couple was reportedly found kissing each other inside a Bengaluru metro train, prompting varied reactions from passengers and authorities. This unexpected display of affection in a public space has ignited discussions about social norms, privacy, and appropriate behavior. Let’s delve into the details of this incident and the reactions it has elicited from the community.

The Incident:

According to eyewitness accounts, the incident took place during peak hours inside a Bengaluru metro train. Passengers were taken aback when they observed a couple engaging in a passionate kiss, seemingly oblivious to their surroundings. The public display of affection caught the attention of fellow commuters, some of whom expressed discomfort and disapproval at the couple’s behavior. The incident quickly became the subject of discussion on social media platforms, with opinions divided over the appropriateness of such actions in a public setting.

Reactions from Passengers:

The sight of the couple kissing inside the metro train evoked mixed reactions from passengers. While some individuals viewed it as a harmless expression of affection between consenting adults, others were quick to condemn the behavior as inappropriate and disrespectful to fellow commuters. Several passengers expressed discomfort and unease at witnessing such intimate moments in a public space, emphasizing the importance of maintaining decorum and respecting the privacy of others.

Authorities’ Response:

In response to the incident, authorities from the Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) issued a statement reaffirming their commitment to maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for all passengers. While acknowledging the incident, authorities emphasized the need for passengers to adhere to guidelines and etiquettes while traveling on the metro. BMRCL reiterated that public displays of affection, including kissing, are not permissible inside metro trains and stations, as they may cause discomfort to other passengers.

Social Media Debate:

The incident of the couple kissing inside the Bengaluru metro sparked a lively debate on social media platforms, with users sharing diverse perspectives on the matter. Some individuals defended the couple’s right to express affection in public, arguing that love knows no bounds and should be celebrated regardless of the setting. Others took a more conservative stance, asserting that certain behaviors, such as kissing, should be reserved for private spaces out of respect for societal norms and cultural sensitivities.

Couple found kissing each other inside Bengaluru metro

Cultural and Social Norms:

The incident also highlighted the cultural and social norms that shape public behavior and interactions in Indian society. While public displays of affection may be considered acceptable in Western cultures, they are often viewed with skepticism and discomfort in more conservative societies like India. The diversity of opinions surrounding the incident underscores the importance of respecting cultural sensitivities and exercising discretion in public spaces to avoid causing offense or discomfort to others.

Call for Etiquette and Respect:

As discussions surrounding the incident continue, there is a growing consensus on the importance of practicing etiquette and respect while in public spaces. While individuals have the right to express affection, it is imperative to do so in a manner that is considerate of others’ comfort and sensibilities. Maintaining decorum and adhering to social norms helps create a harmonious environment where everyone feels safe and respected.


The incident of a couple kissing inside a Bengaluru metro train has sparked debate and reflection on the boundaries of public behavior and the importance of respecting cultural norms and social etiquettes. While opinions may vary on the appropriateness of such actions, there is a shared understanding of the need to maintain decorum and respect others’ privacy in public spaces. By fostering a culture of mutual respect and consideration, we can create a more inclusive and harmonious society where individuals feel comfortable expressing themselves while also being mindful of others’ sensitivities.