The Free Thinking School Koramangala: Inspiring Curiosity, Empowering Minds

The Free Thinking School Koramangala is a progressive educational institution dedicated to fostering creativity, critical thinking, innovation, and a love for learning among students. Located in the heart of Koramangala in Bangalore, we offer a dynamic and inclusive learning environment that encourages students to question, explore, and discover.

Educational Philosophy:

At The Free Thinking School Koramangala, we believe in nurturing independent thinkers, problem solvers, and lifelong learners. Our educational philosophy emphasizes inquiry-based learning, hands-on experiences, interdisciplinary connections, and personalized pathways to cater to each student’s unique strengths, interests, and learning styles.

Key Features and Programs:

  1. Inquiry-Based Learning: Our curriculum is designed to encourage curiosity, exploration, and critical inquiry across subjects. Students engage in project-based learning, research projects, experiments, and real-world applications to deepen understanding and develop analytical skills.
  2. STEAM Education: We integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) education into our curriculum, promoting creativity, innovation, problem-solving, and collaboration. Robotics, coding, design thinking, and maker spaces inspire students to think creatively and apply STEM concepts in practical ways.
  3. Holistic Development: Beyond academics, we focus on holistic development through sports, arts, music, drama, environmental initiatives, community service projects, and mindfulness practices. This approach nurtures well-rounded individuals with strong social-emotional skills, resilience, and empathy.
  4. Small Class Sizes and Individualized Attention: We maintain small class sizes to ensure personalized attention, meaningful interactions between teachers and students, and tailored support to address individual learning needs, interests, and goals.

Educational Approach:

Our approach to education is student-centered, experiential, and future-focused:

  • Hands-On Learning: Students learn by doing, experimenting, and experiencing concepts firsthand, promoting deeper understanding and retention of knowledge.
  • Critical Thinking Skills: We emphasize critical thinking, problem-solving, analytical reasoning, and decision-making skills through challenging tasks, debates, discussions, and collaborative projects.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Creative expression, design challenges, artistic endeavors, entrepreneurship projects, and innovation labs foster creativity, risk-taking, resilience, and out-of-the-box thinking among students.

Faculty and Support Staff:

The Free Thinking School boasts a team of dedicated educators, mentors, counselors, and support staff who are passionate about education, student success, and holistic development. Our faculty members undergo continuous professional development, training, and collaboration to deliver engaging, innovative, and effective teaching practices.

Parent-School Partnership:

We value the partnership between parents and the school as essential for student growth and success:

  • Open Communication: Transparent communication channels, parent-teacher conferences, progress reports, and workshops ensure parents are informed and involved in their child’s educational journey.
  • Parent Engagement: We invite parents to participate in school events, educational seminars, volunteer opportunities, and collaborative projects to strengthen the school-home partnership and support students’ overall development.

Admissions Information:

The Free Thinking School Koramangala welcomes families who value a progressive, innovative, and student-centered approach to education. Our admissions process focuses on assessing a student’s fit with our educational philosophy, interests, aspirations, and readiness for active participation in our dynamic learning community.

Career Counseling and Future Readiness:

We provide comprehensive career counseling, guidance sessions, aptitude assessments, skill development workshops, internships, and exposure to diverse career pathways to help students make informed choices and prepare for future careers in a rapidly changing world.

Community Impact and Partnerships:

The Free Thinking School Koramangala collaborates with industry experts, NGOs, universities, and community organizations for:

  • Community Service: Collaborative projects, social impact initiatives, volunteer programs, and outreach efforts empower students to contribute meaningfully to society, develop empathy, and become compassionate leaders.
  • Industry Partnerships: Internship opportunities, guest lectures, industry visits, mentorship programs, and skill-building workshops connect students with real-world experiences, career insights, and networking opportunities.


The Free Thinking School Koramangala is a hub of innovation, creativity, leadership, and global citizenship, preparing students to thrive in a complex and interconnected world. Join us on a journey of discovery, exploration, and limitless possibilities at The Free Thinking School Koramangala.

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