Discover Excellence in Education at Glentree Academy Whitefield

Welcome to Glentree Academy Whitefield, a leading institution committed to providing a holistic and enriching learning experience for students. Situated in the bustling area of Whitefield, our school is renowned for its academic excellence, innovative teaching methods, and nurturing environment.

About Glentree Academy Whitefield:

Established with a vision to nurture young minds and inspire academic excellence, Glentree Academy Whitefield is part of the prestigious Glentree Academy group known for its commitment to quality education and holistic development.

Mission and Vision:

At Glentree Academy Whitefield, our mission is to provide a dynamic and learner-centric environment that fosters academic excellence, character development, critical thinking, creativity, and leadership skills among students. We envision empowering every student to achieve their full potential and contribute positively to society.

Academic Programs and Curriculum:

Glentree Academy Whitefield offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to meet national and global standards, blending academic rigor with practical applications. Our curriculum encompasses a wide range of subjects including languages, sciences, mathematics, social sciences, arts, sports, and technology, ensuring a well-rounded education.

Educational Approach:

Our school embraces a child-centered approach to education, focusing on personalized learning, experiential learning, project-based learning, and inquiry-based methods. We encourage students to explore their interests, think critically, collaborate effectively, and develop essential life skills needed for success in the 21st century.

Qualified Faculty and Staff:

At Glentree Academy Whitefield, we have a team of experienced and dedicated educators who are passionate about teaching and student success. Our faculty members undergo continuous professional development to stay updated with the latest teaching methodologies and educational practices.

State-of-the-Art Facilities:

Explore our modern campus equipped with state-of-the-art classrooms, science and computer labs, libraries, auditoriums, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, playgrounds, music and arts studios, and recreational areas. Our facilities support academic excellence, creative expression, physical fitness, and holistic development.

Holistic Development Programs:

In addition to academics, Glentree Academy Whitefield offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, clubs, workshops, and events to enhance students’ talents, interests, and leadership skills. Students can participate in sports, music, dance, drama, debates, arts, coding clubs, community service projects, and more.

Parental Engagement and Collaboration:

We value the partnership between parents, educators, and the school community in supporting student learning and growth. Glentree Academy Whitefield promotes open communication, regular parent-teacher interactions, workshops, seminars, and family events to foster a collaborative learning environment.

Achievements and Recognitions:

Glentree Academy Whitefield takes pride in its academic achievements, student accomplishments in sports and cultural activities, and recognition for innovative practices in education. Our students excel in academic assessments, competitions, Olympiads, talent shows, and leadership roles, showcasing their well-rounded development.

Continued Professional Development for Educators:

We prioritize the professional development of our educators through workshops, seminars, conferences, and collaborative learning communities. Our teachers engage in continuous learning, pedagogical research, and best practices to deliver quality education and innovative teaching methods.

Health and Wellness Programs:

Glentree Academy Whitefield promotes student well-being through health and wellness programs, sports activities, yoga, mindfulness sessions, nutrition awareness, and mental health support services, creating a positive and healthy school environment.

Environmental Sustainability Initiatives:

We are committed to environmental sustainability through eco-friendly practices, waste management programs, green initiatives, and nature conservation projects. Students participate in eco-clubs, tree planting drives, recycling campaigns, and awareness workshops on environmental issues.

Admissions Process and Enquiries:

Learn about the admissions process, eligibility criteria, admission dates, required documents, and procedures for enrolling at Glentree Academy Whitefield. Our admissions team is available to guide prospective parents and students through campus tours, information sessions, online inquiries, and personalized consultations.


Choose Glentree Academy Whitefield for a transformative educational journey that nurtures academic excellence, character development, creativity, leadership skills, and global awareness. Join our inclusive and vibrant learning community where every student is valued, inspired, and empowered to thrive academically and personally.

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